All of these professional moving cartons may be purchased at our office. You may also be able to obtain cartons from your local grocery store. However, grocers usually slit cartons open along the sides instead of at the seams making them unusable for packing. We carry a complete line of packing supplies for your convenience:

  • 3.0 cubic ft. carton measures 17" x 13" x 13". This carton is good for non-fragile and moderately heavy items, such as pots, pans, games, folded clothing and misc.
  • 1.5 cubic ft. (or book) carton is designed for very heavy items, such as books, records (remember vinyl?), and canned goods.
  • Wardrobe cartons measure 29" x 27" x 48". These may be purchased or rented. These cartons are equipped with a metal bar so that clothes may hang naturally.
  • Mirror or Picture cartons are adjustable from 30-62" x 4" x 37". These narrow cartons adjust in length and width to accommodate mirrors, pictures and other fragile, flat items.
  • Mattress cartons are available for single/twin, double, and queen/king sized mattresses.
  • Bubble pack, Packing Paper, Shrink wrap (for couches and chairs) and tape are also available for your convenience.
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